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Terraform agrees to pay $4.47 billion in proposed judgment with the SEC

The proposed judgement would also block Do Kwon from becoming an officer or director of any public firm.

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Author: Sarah Wynn

Riot Platforms CEO hits back at ‘poison pill’ plan to block Bitfarms takeover

Riot Platforms’ CEO said Bitfarms’ plans to block a takeover of its business fall outside traditional business norms.

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Author: Elizabeth Napolitano

Bitcoin miner stocks rise as Trump calls mining ‘last line of defense’ against CBDC

Former President Trump also said the rest of bitcoin mining should be done in the United States ahead of upcoming election.

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Author: RT Watson

Number of Ethereum NFT traders falls below 4,000 for first time since June 2021

There has been a lot of excitement in the crypto market this year, but the non-fungible trading sector continues to lag.

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Author: Rebecca Stevens

Fortune 100 companies increase web3 projects by 39% year-over-year: Coinbase

Sectors driving the demand for web3 projects include spot bitcoin ETFs, real world asset tokenization and stablecoins.

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Author: MK Manoylov

Crypto airdrops have distributed around $4 billion so far this year

While cryptocurrency airdrops are still giving out large chunks of cash, it’s getting much harder to make the cut.

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Author: Tim Copeland

Fringe to Forefront: the Institutional Embrace of Digital Assets

Bitcoin and other major assets offer unique advantages to investors seeking growth and diversification, says Jason Leibowitz.

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Author: Jason Leibowitz

What ETF Approval Could Mean for Ethereum

The SEC’s recent decision sets Ethereum up for success in numerous new ways, says Ilan Solot, Senior Global Markets Strategist, Marex Solutions.

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Author: Ilan Solot

Bitcoin Miners Cash in on BTC Rally as Exchange Transfers Hit Two-Month High

Transfers from bitcoin {{BTC}} mining pools to exchanges reached a two-month high this week as BTC hovered around its local high $70,000.

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Author: Oliver Knight

Should Banks Be Crime Fighters? The Hidden (and Not So Hidden) Costs

Pointlessly onerous anti-money laundering rules lead to debanking of individuals and even entire regions, just as “financial inclusion” is thrown around as a social objective. We need a viable alternative, says Noelle Acheson.

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Author: Noelle Acheson