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Author: samwsimpson_lyjt8578

JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon and Sen. Elizabeth Warren Team Up to Bash Crypto

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has never been shy about trashing crypto, even while his giant Wall Street bank became a leader in using blockchain technology to move billions. At a U.S. Senate hearing Wednesday, he slammed the industry again, to the delight of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who is trying to impose restrictions to combat illicit digital transactions.

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Author: Jesse Hamilton

Terraform Labs asks judge to let jury decide if UST and LUNA tokens are securities

Terraform Labs and the SEC are fighting in court over who should define the legal status of Terra, LUNA wLUNA, and MIR tokens.

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Author: Anna Baydakova

The Protocol: Bitcoin Censorship, or Just ‘Spam Filtering?’

In this week’s issue of The Protocol newsletter, we’re highlight blockchain developers named in CoinDesk’s Most Influential list just out, including Blockstream’s Lisa Neigut, Polygon’s Jordi Baylina, Base’s Jesse Pollak and Optimism’s Karl Floersch.

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Author: Bradley Keoun

Bitcoin price hovers around $44,000 as options open interest hits all-time high

Bitcoin was hovering just under $44,000 on Wednesday, with an influx of capital leading to an uptick in activity from crypto derivatives traders and options open interest hitting an all-time high of around $20 billion according to data from Coinglass. An increase in open interest signals higher liquidity and more market participants. The majority of […]

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Author: Brian McGleenon

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon tells Sen. Elizabeth Warren that government should shut down crypto

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon told a panel of lawmakers that if he was the government, he would shut down crypto.

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Author: Sarah Wynn

Bitcoin Core’s ‘v26.0’ Upgrade Aims to Impede Eavesdropping, Tampering

The v26.0 upgrade contains experimental support for the v2 transport protocol as defined by Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 324 (BIP324).

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Author: Jamie Crawley

BitTorrent’s BTT Token Doubles in Value as Tron, on Which Its Issued, Hits 200M Users

The BTT token from BitTorrent, the file-sharing platform that Tron bought in 2018, more than doubled in price on Wednesday amid apparent optimism about the Tron blockchain.

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Author: Oliver Knight

Altcoins Heat Up With AVAX and HNT Leading the Way

Money is flowing into more speculative names following bitcoin’s big run higher.

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Author: Lyllah Ledesma

Ethereum scaling startup Versatus raises seed round at $50 million valuation

Versatus is developing a “stateless rollup” aimed at improving Ethereum’s scalability. Its partners include EigenLayer and Stader Labs.

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Author: Yogita Khatri

Nubank Cripto adds support for USDC, broadening access to the stablecoin in Brazil

Fintech Nubank and Circle team up to offer more than 85 million Brazilians greater access to dollar-backed digital currency.

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Author: RT Watson